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Wedding cakes, make a statement

Make a Statement with your Wedding Cake

The modern wedding cake comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but many still convey the tradition of tiers or stacking.  In Medieval England, the wedding cake was stacked as high as possible and the bride and groom had to kiss over it.  A successful kiss meant a long and prosperous life together.

A traditional cake consists of three layers or tiers and is finished in white icing, to symbolise purity.  The layers can be stacked on each other or tiered with pillars holding up each cake layer and commonly finished off with a Bride and Groom cake topper.

Wedding cake

Nowadays, however we can elaborate even further on the traditional cake, to suit our individual budgets and themes.

Just Google the words wedding cake and you will be immersed into another dimension.  There are some amazing cakes out there, from the flamboyant to the more elegant, simplistic ones.  Lets not get too overwhelmed though.  Remember to keep your theme, budget and catering numbers, in mind.  Find a good local cake maker, take your ideas to them and look at their portfolio, discuss your budget and how many you wish your cake to serve.  Once you are confident with your chosen cake maker, that’s one less thing to think about. Cheese………..?

Popular at the moment is the idea of a cup cake wedding cake.  Individual cup cakes, one for each guest perhaps, arranged in layers to give it a tiered look.  Some have a bigger cake on top, so the ceremony of cutting the cake can still take place. (Don’t forget to ask your Caterer for a cake knife)

A simple stacked cake, will still give the wow factor.  Start with the traditional white royal icing, decorated with sugar craft flowers, add ribbon to match your colour theme.  Stunning!

How about something a little more rustic?  This cake looks amazing with its chocolate sponge and sugar-craft roses flowing over the iced edged baskets.

Wedding cake 2

Don’t forget your Bride and Groom cake topper, which can be placed anywhere on your cake.  What will it say about you? Something to blog about another time perhaps ….

Cake topperCake topper 2

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