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Street Food has been around for many centuries, believed to originate from as far back as Ancient Rome. With only the wealthy affording kitchens, the poorer classes had nowhere to store and prepare hot food, so they relied on local people who made their living by selling freshly prepared food from their own crops and cattle from the roadside. This was often the only way people could get a hot meal.

Street food has evolved somewhat. It is cuisine prepared and sold in a public place by a vendor, such as an open-air market, festival or fair. The food is served from mobile outlets, such as a trailer or cart. In the modern take on street food, food is prepared in renovated caravans, vintage army trucks, retro camper vans etc to add a twist.


Street food is becoming all the more popular with cities hosting regular events. A good variety of food, a few beers and some ambient music make for a great evening out. Perhaps on the way home from work, or to start off a weekend?   Events tend to offer different vendors each week, so no two events are the same. Some may have a themed evening, such as Jamaican, Asian, Vietnamese, focusing on food been more regional.

Many variations of international food can be found at a Street Food Event.   Moving away from the burgers, hotdogs, kebabs and chips, a more international feel is guaranteed, so time to push the boundaries and try some delicious international food, right on your doorstep.


The cuisine is often flavoursome, made out of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and served ready to eat, at reasonable prices. Served by enthusiastic vendors, eager for you to try their cuisine. So lets soak up the atmosphere, try something new and enjoy the social side of things.

author Emma Whitehurst

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