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Cheese Wedding cakes……

Who said you have to stick with tradition?…

Traditionally, the humble wedding cake was served to guests at the Wedding reception.  Some parts of England served the cake the following morning after the Wedding Breakfast.  It was also an emblem of bringing good luck for the Bride and Groom as they entered married life.

In more recent times, the wedding cake is used as a centrepiece to the wedding celebrations and served to guests following the meal or a slice given out to take home with them.   The bottom tier is often made of fruit and any other tiers, usually two, made of sponge.

However, who says a wedding cake needs to be made using traditional ingredients?  Let’s break away from tradition and take a look at what other options are available, after all it is your big day and you want to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Wedding Cheese Cake Yes, you read that right, a wedding cheese cake.  Also referred to as a cheese tower.  If you love cheese, then you will love the idea of a wedding cheese cake.  A three, four, five or even more layers of cake made up of different cheeses of your choice.  The cheese tower can be decorated with fruits and flowers to help with your theme.

Quickes trad cut, yarg, stilton cheese tower       Wensleydale & Cranberry, Cheese wedding cake

Cheese comes in all sorts of varieties and flavours, and range in price too, so you are sure to find the perfect selection of cheese to suit your budget.

For the lower tier, a popular choice is a hard cheese, for example a Double Gloucester wheel. ‘Rich’, ‘powerful’ and ‘mellow’ are words that have been used to describe this little fellow. Cornish Yarg for the next layer.  Yep made in Cornwall, with a creamy, fresh taste.  It’s talking point is its covering, hand wrapped with care using nettles, giving the yarg a truly unique look.

Blue Cheese is a must for every cheese board, so don’t be shy to add a layer to your Tower.  Many blue cheeses are regional, so why not choose one from your local area.  Getting married in Shropshire? Then your obvious choice would be a Shropshire Blue. Top your tower off with a heart-shaped Godminster, encased in a red wax, and contrasting heart shaped Brie, makes a stunning topper.

Feeling creative and keen to support your local retailers?  Make your cake using all regional cheeses, from your local area. For example, start with a Dorset Red, a Blue Vinney, Cranbourne brie topped off with a Woolsery Goats Cheese.  All made in the Dorset area

Here’s the clever bit, at many weddings (too many to mention) the wedding cake is often discarded afterwards. Such a waste and with some traditional cakes costing £500 a crazy waste of money. Instead your cheese cake can be incorporated into the last course of your wedding breakfast, serve the cheese tower after the meal as a cheese board. Your guests will love this extra course or even double it up for the evening buffet. Talk to your wedding caterer and ask them to portion the cheese up and present it on slates decorated with grapes, apricots and a few crudities for guest to pass and share. Make sure you have had your photographs taken first though! Or if you have extra guests coming to the evening reception or intend to feed your daytime guests later on then use the cheese tower as a larger buffet style cheeseboard. You can even leave the cheese out as guests will nibble all night long.

cheese boards


For a cheese board we would suggest a minimum of 100g of cheese per person, this can help determine your cake size and how many tiers you choose. 100 guests at your wedding requires 10kilos of cheese as a minimum, simple.

Author Emma Whitehurst, for more information email emma@callthecaterers.co.uk 


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