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Feeling Peckish…?

Street Food has been around for many centuries, believed to originate from as far back as Ancient Rome. With only the wealthy affording kitchens, the poorer classes had nowhere to store and prepare hot food, so they relied on local people who made their living by selling freshly prepared food from their own crops and…

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White, two sugars ….

Whilst holidaying in the beautiful Jalón region of Costa Blanca, I ordered a cappuccino. It arrived not quite how I expected, in fact exceeding my expectations. Heaped with whipped cream, it was a battle to keep my kids from pinching the creamy topping. So unlike the cappuccinos I am used to back in England, where…

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Making your Outside Event Catering a Breeze

As an established mobile event cater, we have experienced some challenging situations when providing catering for our clients. Everything can be planned to perfection, but the one thing that can’t be planned is the British weather. If you are planning a marquee wedding or event to be held in a marquee, consider how the food…

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What animal are you?

Chinese New Year – Monday 8th February 2016 – the year of the Monkey. I was born in the year of the Tiger, which according to the Chinese Zodiac means I am courageous; without caution, which leads to recklessness. Hmmm, not sure if that describes me well or not. Chinese New Year is celebrated sometime…

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It’s Pancake day, that crêped up on me ….

Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday is creeping up on us. (9th February 2016) Traditionally Shrove Tuesday is celebrated throughout English speaking countries including Australia, Canada, and Ireland. In France it is known as Mardi Gras day and America refer to it as fat Tuesday! We celebrate this day in February to signify the last day before…

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Red Roses, Chocolates & Hearts

Red Roses, Chocolates, and Hearts …. Want to show your loved one how much they mean to you? Whether you’re newly engaged, in your first year as newlyweds or have been married for a long time, why not treat your loved one to a romantic Valentines Meal. Firstly set the scene. Rather than going to…

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Let’s celebrate burns night

  The New Year has started and Christmas seems like a distant memory, so what has January got to offer?  Why Burns Night of course!  Celebrated by Scots worldwide, to commemorate Robert or ‘Rabbie’ Burns, Bard of Ayrshire, who is considered Scotland’s national poet.  Burns Night is celebrated on his birthday 25th January. Burns Night celebrations…

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Wedding cakes, make a statement

Make a Statement with your Wedding Cake The modern wedding cake comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but many still convey the tradition of tiers or stacking.  In Medieval England, the wedding cake was stacked as high as possible and the bride and groom had to kiss over it.  A successful kiss meant…

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Cheese Wedding cakes……

Who said you have to stick with tradition?… Traditionally, the humble wedding cake was served to guests at the Wedding reception.  Some parts of England served the cake the following morning after the Wedding Breakfast.  It was also an emblem of bringing good luck for the Bride and Groom as they entered married life. In…

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A Christmas bride

A Christmas setting for your Wedding reception. Christmas is a time for family, friends and celebrating. It is also a magical time to get married, picture your wedding flowers with gorgeous deep reds and purples set against the evergreen pines, Icey white roses look beautiful in a bridal posy or vase arrangements. Decorated around the…

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