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8 Ways to Whittle Your Waist For Your Wedding

Ditch the corset: these waist-defining tips will help you wow in your wedding dress, noSpanx required.

8 Ways to Whittle Your Waist For Your Wedding

  1. Start off right: A healthy, filling breakfast will help keep you fueled, so you will resist temptation, while boosting your metabolism to burn away that extra layer on your midsection. Aim for a breakfast that’s filled with protein and fiber, so you stay satisfied for hours.
  2. Target obliques: Exercises that work your obliques help define your midsection and cinch your waistline. These twisting oblique exercises are a great place to start.
  3. Sculpt shoulders: Here’s a tip from celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen — define your upper back and shoulders to help your waist look smaller. Bonus: if you’re wearing a backless or strapless dress, your upper body is sure to wow. Check out these shoulder-sculpting exercises that will help you do just that.
  4. Stand straight: Exercises that strengthen your core and back help you have better posture, which makes you look up to 10 pounds thinner. These stretches and exercises for better posture should be on your list of prewedding must dos.
  5. Amp up your cardio: Adding sprinting spurts to your cardio session helps melt away belly fat. Turn up the intensity the next time you’re at the gym with one of these treadmill or elliptical interval workouts.
  6. Think fiber: Digestion-relieving fiber can you feel less bloated. Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits, leafy greens, and whole grains to shrink your midsection.
  7. Eat clean: All your hard work won’t pay off unless you dump the junk. Steer clear of processed foods, and try to eat filling, clean meals (here’s a primer on what it means to “eat clean”), so your time in the gym pays off.
  8. Ditch the soda: Not only is soda full of belly-bloating extra calories, but a recent study found that even zero-calorie diet soda packs on belly fat.

Source: popsugar.com


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