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5 wedding jobs for your in-laws

With an endless list of wedding jobs and the panic setting in, it’s time to ask for help with some of the smaller wedding tasks. Your mother-in-law and father-in-law, will be thrilled to play a part in the run up to your wedding day so don’t be afraid to get them involved.

Wedding In LawsStart by offloading the smaller, more time-consuming jobs onto them
With many in-laws feeling a little left out, get them involved in all the wedding planning details. Ask them to send out invitations to their long-distance relatives, ask your father-in-law for wine advicee, or even get your mother-in-law to help with the 500 handmade origami doves that are starting to cramp your hands! This is a great way to spend time together, as well as allowing you more time for the bigger jobs.

Arrange a dinner with your parents
Surprisingly, many couples’ parents only go as far as a quick ‘Hello, how have you been?’ conversation. Even on the wedding day they spend most of their time apart, sat with their own friends and families, but, more of a close bond can really help the atmosphere on big day. Perhaps suggest a dinner with your parents and in-laws. Fuelled by wedding excitement (and maybe a little champers), they are guaranteed to get along just fine.


Use their knowledge wisely
Integrating family heritage and tradition into a wedding can make it that much more personal and memorable. Why not ask his parents for help when it comes to his side of the family and their traditions? After all they are bound to know more than he does, and you can add some lovely sentimental details.

Seating plan guidance
For many brides-to-be, the seating plan can be the hardest part to keep under control. Asking for help with this is vital, especially when it comes to the groom’s side! Ask his parents about old family feuds – after all, how were you supposed to know who his Great Uncle Bob likes to sit next to?


Ask for advice
We’re sure you’ve had many conversations with your own parents about what to expect from your big day, and married life in general, but asking your fiancés parents can allow for a different perspective and a new set of eyes on the whole experience. Consult your mother-in-law about your dress issues (without revealing to your fiancé of course!). If you’re feeling really brave, why not invite her to your dress fitting? She’ll love feeling more included.

Source: PlanYourPerfectWedding

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